OHIF + Keycloak but wihtout docker

I was following the instructions to setup OHIF + keycloak on this page: User Account Control | OHIF. After installation of the OHIF I can load main page “/” but
when going to /pacs or /pacs-admin parts of the OHIF installation I am getting error “JavaScript not activated”. After reviewing the documentation I noticed that there is “docker-compose up” command executed in .recipes directory. Is there a way to activate JavaScript on above mentioned paths without running docker commands? Or is there any documentation of running OHIF as standalone application without docker?

Thank you!

Yeah, you can clone the ohif viewer from the offical github repo, install packages with yarn install and run with yarn start. There is a readme in the repository.
Then you can implement your own auth, or let it without any.

Hi matheusrdk,
Thank you for information but I did installation as you mentioned without success. The /pacs and /pacs-admin are giving the error that JavaScript is not activated hence my request for help. Main page (static content - “/” ) is loading without issues.

Is there anything else that I can do to fix the problem?

As far as I know, the ohif viewer 3.x dont have any /pacs or /pacs-admin page. This pages refer to the pacs server, witch in this case ir Orthanc (can be Dcm4Chee too, or any other). You are following the docker tutorials, that build an image of the viewer, pacs and keycloak, each one prepared for the other, like this /pacs page that is made to access the orthanc instance you created with docker.