OHIF v3-stable TMTV mode for Google Healthcare

I have setup OHIF v3-stable in Google Healthcare environment.
However, it does not provide the TMTV mode for PET/CT scans.
When looking at the list of studies, certain fields are also missing (instance #).
Please see screenshot.
Any advice?

Unfortunately the metadata is limited in this case - in particular the modalities in the study/series are missing from the metadata. One thing you could do is in the tmtv mode, have the isValidMode always return true. It means that the TMTV link in the worklist will ALWAYS be enabled.

I hope this helps.

I have made the change to tmtv/src/index.js and forced isValidMode to return true.
Although I can enter the mode, the study does not load.

See image below.
Any thoughts on how to correct Google Healthcare integration into OHIF v3? Anyone else have this problem?

Hmm. Please have a look at the console and if there are any errors please copy and paste the stack trace(s) here and we will have a look.