OHIf Webviewer Cross Origin Isolation and DICOM SR Error

Hi All,

I have recently begun integrating the OHIF WebViewer V3.6.0 on my local orthanc server. While the OHIF WebViewer has many advantages, I am currently experiencing some issues,

i. Cross Origin Isolation
Cross Origin Isolation is not enabled, volume rendering will not work (e.g., MPR)
OHIF only supports TID1500 Imaging Measurement Report Structured Reports. The SR you’re trying to view is not supported.

I have already explored forums, but I am struggling to understand how to execute it on localhost.
Can anyone please guide me on the most straightforward way to address the above concerns.
Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated!


i: use https. Cross-Origin Information for OHIF | OHIF

I appreciate your reply, @IT-Highmore.
I am using it on localhost, are there any other options available?


if you launching OHIF server, for example localhost:3000, it wil be work without Cross Origin Isolation warning. But if you change it to 3000, once you use ip address, it will be warning. I have not run orthanc server locally,I have run docker locally,I think it’s about the same. In addition, you can read the link I sent carefully. You can start local https service, it works for me.

I am grateful for your assistance. Thanks again, @IT-Highmore.
The Cross Origin Isolation error has been resolved with localhost. Could you also assist me with the Dicom SR error, please?

sry, I didn’t experience that. Maybe you can search ohif github issures for help.

Thank you @IT-Highmore for your support.
I am now seeking assistance from anyone else who may be able to help.