Orthanc MainDicomTags for SR

Hi everione,

I’m looking for a suggestion on what MainDicomTags should be used to make OHIF able to work with SR series.
Currently used OHIF version 3.7.0-beta.14, same behaviour in 3.8.0-beta.42
When following orthanc configuration is applied (orthanc reads metadata from database):

“DicomWeb”: {
“StudiesMetadata”: “MainDicomTags”,
“SeriesMetadata”: “MainDicomTags”,
“StorageAccessOnFind” : “Never”

OHIF viever shows popup message when opening study:

“OHIF only supports TID1500 Imaging Measurment Report Structured Reports. The SR you’re trying to view in now supported”

When I switching orthanc to read metadata from disk:

“DicomWeb”: {
“StudiesMetadata”: “Full”,
“SeriesMetadata”: “Full”,
“StorageAccessOnFind” : “Always”

everything works as expected.

Hi clooudtempe,

sorry that I cannot help with your question, but you may be able to help me with an issue:

I am currently also struggling with the same error message, but am not even using dicomweb! (I am only viewing files locally, for the time being).

Is DicomWeb necessary to display Structured Reports? Do I need to set anything else up in order to view SRs?

Hey SteveS,

Have you tried loading your files into demo ohif viewer OHIF Viewer?

First off, thanks for the super quick reply!

I have tried uploading one of my files in the demo viewer, and then I can only click on the “Segmentation” button:

Somehow I couldn’t edit the previous message, so I had to add a second reply. sorry!

=> If I open an SR file in Weasis, I get something like this, which is essentially what I was hoping to see in the OHIF viewer as well:

Looks like something is broken and Weasis shows it explicitly. But in standard for TID1500 and TID2000 as well I don’t see any references to these tags

Maybe the image I used was slightly misleading?

This is an Error Report we generate when one of our customers sends us faulty (i.e., MR metadata is not correct) data. I was told our SRs are according to TID 1500, but have to admit my knowledge of DICOM SRs is very, very basic. So are you suggesting this might not actually be TID 1500, and that would be the problem?

Indeed it was a misunderstanding within my group and what I was trying to view was not TID 1500. Thanks for your time, clooudtempe!