Problem display encapsulated PDF documents

I am experimenting around with integrating OHIF with Orthanc using Orthanc’s “ServeFolders” feature and/or using NGINX to serve the OHIF package. I cloned the package from GitHub and then built it with Yarn/NPM. That creates the build in the dist folder.

It does seem to mostly work with the various setups I have used, but the the thumbnail in the left panel says “DOC” (the modality is set to DOC, not SR, etc.), and for multipage PDF’s I cannot ‘scroll’ to the last page of the PDF. However, when I download the PDF I get the full PDF, including the last page. (It opens in the browser in a new tab).

What steps can we follow to reproduce the bug?

I don’t have a publicly available setup to demo, but I presume one could just include a series or instance having a multi-page PDF and see if it is reproducible.

There seems to be a related issue:

My PDF as least displays. I would have to check which version of Node I used when I created the build files.

I will probably eventually migrate to using SR’s with the PDF’s in them also, and then also likely Key Objects (KO’s) for Key Images.