QIDO/WADO endpoints handling in OHIF v3

Hello everyone!

Congrats to the team for the new website and this shiny forum! :clap:

To give a bit of context, I am working for the Greater Paris University Hospitals (APHP), and we’re using OHIF v2 for a few months now with some of our research projects.
We are pluging OHIF to our own PACS solution (opensource, soon to be published) based on Python (pydicom, pynetdicom, on top of Django Rest Framework for handling DICOMweb).

I am in the process of installing OHIF v3 in our dev environment, so we can test it and get back to you with some feedback.

I have a strange issue that I did not encountered with OHIF v2 ; it seems that the qidoRoot param is not taken into account :

Here is my Datasource :

dataSources: [
        friendlyName: "SPHERE DICOMWeb Server",
        namespace: "org.ohif.default.dataSourcesModule.dicomweb",
        sourceName: "dicomweb",
        configuration: {
            name: "SPHERE",
            wadoUriRoot: "https://sphere.docker.local:443/wadors",
            qidoRoot: "https://sphere.docker.local:443/qidors",
            wadoRoot: "https://sphere.docker.local:443/wadors",
            qidoSupportsIncludeField: true,
            imageRendering: "wadors",
            thumbnailRendering: "wadors",
            enableStudyLazyLoad: true,
            supportsFuzzyMatching: false,
            supportsWildcard: false,

It seems that the query to the PACS for displaying the study list is using the wadors endpoint :


Looking into the code, it seems that these config params are not well known :

 * @param {string} name - Data source name
 * @param {string} wadoUriRoot - Legacy? (potentially unused/replaced)
 * @param {string} qidoRoot - Base URL to use for QIDO requests
 * @param {string} wadoRoot - Base URL to use for WADO requests
 * @param {boolean} qidoSupportsIncludeField - Whether QIDO supports the "Include" option to request additional fields in response
 * @param {string} imageRengering - wadors | ? (unsure of where/how this is used)
 * @param {string} thumbnailRendering - wadors | ? (unsure of where/how this is used)
 * @param {bool} supportsReject - Whether the server supports reject calls (i.e. DCM4CHEE)
 * @param {bool} lazyLoadStudy - "enableStudyLazyLoad"; Request series meta async instead of blocking

I cant find the root of the issue by quickly looking at it, does that ring any bells to anyone?

Thank you :bowing_man:

Thanks for reporting this.
I lookd at the code, and I confirm this is bug introduced here (feat: Add Static WADO display (#2499) · OHIF/Viewers@2327b4a · GitHub)

The fix will get merged soon

Awesome, thank you! :muscle: