RTSTRUCT contours rendered on incorect slices

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  • I load data into viewer . ohif . org / local - v3.8.3
  • Although the data loads, the RTSTRUCT contours are not rendered properly. They open properly in 3D Slicer though. See images below.

  • Also note that the sliceIds do not match between OHIF and 3D Slicer.

What steps can we follow to reproduce the bug?

  1. Load data into the link above
    • Data consists of 1xCT and 1xRTSTRUCT
      • Download here
      • Or download subjectID=LUNG1-008 from the TCIA repo
  2. Double click on RTSTRUCT to load the data

This works in our examples


It could be an issue with your data or server.

If you’d like to share your data, please create an issue and provide steps to reproduce the problem.

I have already provided links to the data in my first post itself.
To reproduce, you would simply need to download and upload data to different viewers - OHIF and 3D Slicer.

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