Same sliceID shows different data when loaded as CT only vs CT with RTSTRUCT

Describe Your Question

  • I have a CT scan along with RTSTRUCT. When I load the CT, sliceID=x, (say 15/86), is different when compared to loading CT (with RTSTRUCT).
  • Other viewers like 3D Slicer and a personal cornerstone3D app do not show these errors. Check images below
    • In the images below, OHIF (with CT), 3DSlicer, and my C3D app do IS (inferior → superior), while OHIF (With CT + RTSTRUCT) does (SI)

  • Download this image on your computer to read the sliceIds

What steps can we follow to reproduce the bug?

  1. Go to
  2. Load data (CT + RTSTRUCT) into the viewer
  3. Click “Basic Viewer”
  4. Load CT – check sliceId=x
  5. Load RTSTRUCT - check sliceId=x

Other points

  1. I am not sure if this is an issue particular to the .dcm files I am using
  2. Am I misunderstanding some aspect of sliceIds in .dcm files.

Here is the link to the data.

  • If the link expires, check here

We have an ongoing thread on GitHub where we can continue this discussion. I’m including the link here for future reference.

Yes, thats where I pulled the data from.
I thought that it would be better to continue this sliceID issue here, since its an OHIF-specific issue and not a Cornerstone3D issue. Since I am able to to get right sliceIds with my cornerstone3D app.