Saving Functionality in Orthanc


Is there anyone who already make this feature running?


What do you mean by make this feature running ?


I’m using orthanc as my PACS server and trying OHIF as my viewer but got the error below.

But I already resolved it, my next question is is there a way to customize the UI of the built in plugin of OHIF in orthanc? Like changing the header logo and color themes.


I think there’s an issue with our delete function. However, it’s worth noting that there’s no universal DICOM standard that implements delete, which is why it’s tricky for each data source. We need to approach this carefully.

Regarding theming, you can take a look at the tailwindcss.config file, which stores our colors. We’re working towards a more extendable component library and better theming options, which should be available very soon.

Hi Alireza,

Thank you for your answer, I managed to make the creating report working by changing the “DataSource” into “dicom-web”.

By the way I’m using the default ohif plugins of orthanc so I’m not sure if tailwindcss.config is available there.

Also, is there a configuration to disable this “For Investigation Only”?