Setup OHIF server with own database on AWS

  • We are able to setup the ohif viewer repo on aws and view the preloaded data and segmentations successfully. We are however trying to replace those datasets with ours but can’t figure out how to. Our data is primarily niffti images available on s3 Amazon buckets but we can convert to any format needed. We see that there is a wado server and the data is behind cloudfront. We basically want to clone the current preloaded data to our own local s3 bucket and then change the data to ours.
  • OHIF version: latest

What steps can we follow to reproduce the bug?

  1. Set up repo on aws
  2. Change the dicom and mri data to a different set of local files.

OHIF does not yet directly support reading and displaying NIfTI files. However, we have implemented rendering and annotation capabilities at the library level using Cornerstone.

Is there a way to change the database? Right now, it is referencing a database I cant access

there is no database involved, it is just static file hosting as you open network for this example

you will see, it is downloading