Show/Hide SR measurements in viewport

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Is there a way to remove or unload a Structured Report from the viewport?
I’m using OHIF v3.7.0

What steps can we follow to reproduce the bug?

  1. Open a study that has a DICOM Structured Report (SR)
  2. Double click the SR to apply measurements on the viewport

At this point, how can I remove/hide/unload the SR from the viewport?
Is there a Show/Hide functionality?

You can simply exclude sr displayset From ThumbnailBrowser by adding
excludeFromThumbnailBrowser: true to the displayset dict located in extensions/cornerstone-dicom-sr/src/getSopClassHandlerModule.ts after key
addInstances approximately at line 145.

I do not want to exclude it.
I’m asking for some form of show/hide functionality.
So, if SR measurements are showing in the viewport, how do I hide them?
I can simply double click or drag the SR from the left sidebar to the viewport to show it.