Supporting many frames in dcm

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I have a dicom file that I am trying to load into a stack viewport. I know my file has 128 frames and I can view them all in a 3rd party software.

Does cornerstone3D support files where x00280008 is set with many frames in that single dcm file?

  • Which OHIF version you are using?

What steps can we follow to reproduce the issue?

  1. Have a single dicom file that has many frames within it.
  2. Render with Cornerstone3D api withing a stack.
image_ids = ['server:identifier_for_single_dicom_with_many_frames'];
viewport.setStack(image_ids).then(function(res) {
      // debugger;
      console.log('res', res);

So, I have been able to paginate the images in the dicom by using ?frame=# in the image_id, but am now running into caching issues.

Promise.allSettled(self.cs.imageLoader.loadAndCacheImages(image_ids)).then(function(promises) {
const number_of_frames ='x00280008');
        if (number_of_frames && number_of_frames > 0) {
          for (let i = 1; i < number_of_frames; i++) {
            processed_image_ids.push(iimage.imageId + '?frame=' + i);
        } else {

I added the initial imageId then looped over the rest in an attempt to trick the cache.

Another update, I was able to pre-load the frames by calling


after, but this is slow.
Does anyone have a better solution?