Sync different MRI sequences in space?

Sorry if this is a stupid question or if this is not the right place to ask. I am not including the Support tag because I am not developing our solution myself.

I am not a developer, I am a user of the OHIF viewer for our institution for education purposes. A development company has implemented OHIF for our institution through our educational portal. The version used is Version Number 4.12.51.

We are trying to see if there is any way to sync two different MRI sequences from the same series, or use a localizer between different sequences.

For example, when viewing a T1 and a T2 image of the same series in a 1x2 grid, is there a way to scroll through them simultaneously, and is there a way to pinpoint coordinates on a T1, and have the viewer show the same spot on the T2 image? I am not talking about MPR, which is using the same exact sequence.

Does this functionality exist in the OHIF viewer by default? Is it a separate plugin that we need to have implemented or developed?

Many thanks in advance. Keep up the good work!