The "MIP" is not available in OHIF v3-stable branch?

  • I could not able to see “MIP modes” and “Slab thickness” in version 3 same as version 2.

Is there any implementation remaining for this feature?

  • I am using v3-stable version

Please see the below image, this is OHIF version 2.
it has “MIP modes” and “Slab thickness” when you click on 2D MPR.

But in OHIF version 3 I am not getting “MIP modes” and “Slab thickness”

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I have this same problem, we’ve updated to OHIFv3 and we’ve lost the MIP function. Are you planning to include this? or is it possible to add this function with a specific extension? Thank you

I’ve received and answer from OHIF after an independent consultation. MIP and slab thickness customization is already available! Search for it within cross hair lines: