Timeline to merge v3-stable to master

Hi all, I just wanted to know is there a timeline defined for merging the v3-stable branch to the master branch? We are working on a prototype using OHIF viewer and want to work on a released version of the viewer. But currently, releases are happening only on the master branch, but this lacks a few features we are interested in.

Hi @gowthamrao92. Thanks for your inquiry and welcome to the community.

We are working on the last piece to making it possible to merge v3-stable to master.

Hi @jbocce. Thank you for the prompt response. Is there an approximate timeline for when this would be done?

I see that OHIF released the master [v3.7.0-beta.62] which does not include code from the v3-stable branch.

But I see posts like the one above which tell developers that using the v3-stable branch is ok to do.

Will v3-stable be merged into the master (beta) branch and when?

What branch should a developer be coding on v3-stable? Or the current master v3.7.0-beta.62?

I have been developing on the v3-stable branch since 08/2022 - please advise.