Tracking Measurement in other viewports of a series

Describe Your Question

Using OHIF 3.7, I’d like to track measurements in the sagittal and coronal viewport in the MPR view mode. Is this possible?
And if not, could you point me in the right direction to make this possible?

What steps can we follow to reproduce the bug?

  1. Run an instance of OHIF 3.7 with the default configuration
  2. Open the very first data series called “CTA Head and Neck”
  3. Click on the MPR view.
  4. Select the bidirectional measurement tool.
  5. Take a measurement on the left viewport (axial). You will be prompt if you want the measurements to be tracked.
  6. Open the right pane that displays measurement tracked.
  7. Try adding measurement in the sagittal or coronal viewport. Measurements are not tracked.
Failed to update measurement: Error: Failed to map 'Cornerstone3DTools@0.1' measurement for annotationType Bidirectional: Cannot destructure property 'SOPInstanceUID' of '(0 , M.Z)(...)' as it is undefined.
    at v.annotationToMeasurement (MeasurementService.ts:490:13)
    at annotationToMeasurement (MeasurementService.ts:229:19)
    at Object.l (initMeasurementService.js:175:9)
    at Object.dispatchEvent (eventTarget.ts:55:16)
    at se (triggerEvent.ts:37:13)
    at state.ts:32:3
    at ig (annotationState.ts:90:5)
    at tl.addNewAnnotation (BidirectionalTool.ts:200:5)
    at HTMLDivElement.Bf (mouseDownActivate.ts:32:35)
    at se (triggerEvent.ts:37:13)