Trying to use OpenResty-Orthanc-Keycloak

I was exploring using Orthanc and Keycloak and came across this OpenResty-Orthanc-Keycloak in the .recipe folder. I have also seen the docker-compose.yml was trying to use Dockerfile from ./docker/ directory, here Dockerfile: ./docker/OpenResty-Orthanc-Keycloak/dockerfile in the docker compose file which I did not find. So I presumed it was supposed to be .recipe and used the Dockerfile in the .recipe/OpenResty-Orthanc-Keycloak. I was able to build the image and run the image however now I am encountering this error. I have made sure am using the correct config. when trying to open localhost where the web app is running. could someone help, please? thanks.

 TypeError: appConfig.extensions is not iterable
    at appInit (index.js:32:2)
    at run (index.js:32:2)
    at index.js:32:2
    at fk (index.js:32:2)
    at exports.unstable_runWithPriority (index.js:32:2)
    at gg (index.js:32:2)
    at Oj (index.js:32:2)
    at index.js:32:2
    at V (index.js:32:2)
    at F.port1.onmessage (index.js:32:2)
Promise.catch (async)
run @ index.js:32
(anonymous) @ index.js:32
fk @ index.js:32
exports.unstable_runWithPriority @ index.js:32
gg @ index.js:32
Oj @ index.js:32
(anonymous) @ index.js:32
V @ index.js:32
F.port1.onmessage @ index.js:32

Have a look at this PR and hopefully it addresses your concerns. fix/openresty keycloak by sedghi · Pull Request #3655 · OHIF/Viewers · GitHub