Understanding code workflow, integration with existing react app, Integration with DCM4CHEE server to receive dicom files

Okay, so I have multiple questions. Its regarding code workflow, integration with existing app, and integration with dcm4chee server to recieve data.

  • Which OHIF version you are using? Ans: v3 (latest)

I have a task of implementing dicom viewer in our existing organization app and came around this one which fits perfect with our requirement. Now i understand this is monorepo, and i have spent almost 2 weeks understanding react code and it’s workflow and to be honest, i didn’t understood much.

  1. What is code workflow, how are different components communication with each other. I find it very complex to understand it.
  2. How do i integrate with our organization’s app? Since its an open source and not available as npm libraries so how do i achieve this?
  3. When integration with our app, we want to view a particular layout (let’s say basic or segmentation). Flow would be like this: From the patient list, if i want to view dicom image, then on button click it should load the viewer, (maybe in same page, would be good or even in a new tab). Currently in the app (https://viewer.ohif.org/), there are a list of studies where, and if i click on any patient then i could choose the viewer type and then open any viewer. Our requirement is to open viewer on the button click (rather than showing studies list). How do i achieve it? I am finding the code to be complex to understand and make any changes? (Have mercy on me :sob:)
  4. We are planning to use DCM4CHEE server to load the dicom images, how do i integrate it with OHIF Viewer app? I am unable to figure out how the data is being fetched and then loaded on to app.

I understand that i might be asking silly questions and but i am new to this and i am being asked to report on this and don’t have much insights on this. Please help anyone.

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