V3-stable does not support sharpening

const viewportInput = [
// CT Volume Viewport - Axial
viewportId: viewportId,
type: viewport.type,
element: viewport.element,
sharpen: true //

Thanks and welcome to the forum.

Perhaps it is best if you could describe what you mean by sharpening. Was it supported in a previous OHIF version?

I have used a sharpening filtering algorithm to make the image sharper and clearer

To clarify, is this something available in any of the libraries OHIF depends on?

Perhaps you are referring to the ‘Sharpen Image’ functionality here https://rawgit.com/cornerstonejs/cornerstoneWADOImageLoader/master/examples/customWebWorkerTask/index.html (which no longer works)? We are reworking the WebworkerManager to expose the API for such computationally intensive tasks to be easily added without blocking the UI. However this is not ready yet.

Please let us know.

Yes, it’s not in the library yet. I created a sharpening function myself