Viewer and DicomWeb on s3

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Hello there,

I would like to use S3 as data source of OHIF Viewer.
I created a DicomWeb from a DICOM by static-wado-creator and then I uploaded it on S3.
I don’t knon how configure the Viewer to use the DicomWeb on s3 directly.
Is it possible to do it without a server?
Thank you

Hey, you can see Module: Data Source | OHIF which explains the static-wado data source. Also see Static Files | OHIF

Thank you @alireza. Is there somewhere some documentation on how to serve DICOMWeb from s3 (AWS)?
Is it possible to do it without any server?

I don’t think if we have it for AWS S3 specifically, but basically it is the same concept as hosting files directly with the correct metadata urls for DICOMWeb to request. You can break your study into series and correct metadata here with this tool GitHub - OHIF/static-wado: The overall static wado repository, containing JS and Java versions as well as related tools and then host it

and this tool GitHub - chafey/dicom-web-static-generator: Tool that generates DICOMWeb content responses from DICOM P10

I already did it.
I converted a DICOM into a DICOMWeb e uploaded it on s3.
When I try con connect the viewer to s3 by local_static I have some troubles.
I think the problem is the missing rewrite rules to, for example, return index.json.gz when the viewer ask for studies?limit=25&offset=0&fuzzymatching=false&includefield=all