What steps are involved in enabling the ROI Threshold Tool for CT images on the Basic Viewer?

We have a requirement to enable the ROI Threshold Tool on the Basic Viewer, allowing the user to draw regions of interest (ROI) on CT images. While we have successfully added the tool to the Toolbar and the right-side panel of the Basic Viewer, we are now seeking guidance on the implementation process to enable users to interactively draw ROIs on the CT images. We would appreciate any assistance or solution you can provide to fulfill this requirement.

HI @Amit, I suspect you need to add it to the default tool group for the default/longitudinal modeā€¦ https://github.com/OHIF/Viewers/blob/cab8d322c235eae6d9125105f84841edf2d0b1bd/modes/longitudinal/src/initToolGroups.js

@jbocce , I have already done this but after click on ROI unable to Draw on CT image on Basic viewer need help in that case

In case of TMTV it can be drawn on PT images

But I want it to be drawn on CT images in case of basic viewer

Hi @Amit,

Perhaps have a look at the ROI threshold tool example, remove the PT (and the CT will remain) and the tool should still work.

Hope this helps.