Which one is the latest version of OHIF viewer?

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I am going to use OHIF Viewer with my ORTHANC PACS server but I am little confused about choosing OHIF Viewer version.
When I visit OHIF website they are showing version 3 as v3-stable branch on GitHub. but when I visit the GitHub and in OHIF/Viewers releases, I found that latest release available is version 4.12.45.

I am confused about this. Please guide me which one is the latest version of OHIF Viewer.


The v3-stable is the branch that you want to clone/fork from, as a developer. This branch is being actively worked on (and made stable). The version 4.12.45 is just a “snapshot” on 2022-11-12, most likely from this v3-stable branch (there is some command to find out which branch it is on). So as a developer, you might want to keep yourself synchronized to the v3-stable branch, to get the latest and greatest developments; but sometimes you might want to stay with one specific tag for a while, say this @ohif/viewer@4.12.45, and not worry what happened on this branch after 2022-11-12. Eventually, you might still want to synchronize to the latest code, and deal with the changes between 2022-11-12 and “today”. Hope this helps.

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Good to know. I take it that the ‘master’ is the latest and under active development ?