Blue/Green layer in OHIF viewer for ultrasound images

Hi everyone,

We are facing an issue while displaying Ultrasound images where in the image appears as covered by a blue/green layer. We are using OHIF v2 with the default configuration. We have customized it to fetch the DICOM images from a GCS bucket by providing metadata using JSON approach.

The same image appears correctly in the Micro Dicom viewer.

Following is the relevant metadata of the images which we are trying to view:
Lossy Image Compression: 01
Lossy Image Compression Method: ISO_10918_1
Lossy Image Compression Ratio: 100
Photometric Interpretation: YBR_FULL_422
Number of Frames: 153
Modality: US

Are there any other tags to look out for that can cause the issue?
How can we fix this issue?