Extremely bright images

Hi everyone,
we received a report from the doctors of one of our client clinics, regarding the fact that the images displayed on OHIF ARE NOT as they are reproduced by the instruments.

As you can see from the screenshot, I loaded the same study on both the OHIF viewer and Osimis, but from this the images are not as bright as in OHIF.

As a PACS engine we use Orthanc therefore the integration with OHIF is done via the integrated plugin OHIF-1.2.dll and we do not apply any changes on the development side.

Some advice?

  • Which OHIF version you are using? 3.7.0

What steps can we follow to reproduce the bug?

  1. Send the study to the Orthanc Pacs
  2. Open the study

the study can be downloaded here: 4186e659-066beb8b-bf23a01c-350a0ad2-ae6463c4.zip - Google Drive