Presentation state error for MR images

Hi everyone!

I am running OHIF v3.6 as an osimis/orthanc plugin and have been facing errors from images of a specific MR Modality.

Each series in the study shows 2 instances, one instance can be viewed and the other throws the error in the terminal and a permanent loading state in the viewport.

The number of instances in a series matched the number being presented on OHIF, i.e. 2, however, when I uploaded the study on Radiant and Horos, each series had an arbitrary number of instances and the preview was working as expected.

Unfortunately, I cannot paste the entire error log on this topic, I hope these screenshots of the errors are of help.

To reproduce this bug, please use this anonymized MR study. Orthanc and OHIF are running on the default configuration.

Any help on this error is super appreciated!