Calibration Issue: User-Defined Calibration Not Affecting Measurements in Cornerstone Viewport

Hi Support Team,

I am experiencing an issue with applying user-defined calibration in my Cornerstone viewport. I have tried using both utilities.calibratedPixelSpacingMetadataProvider.add() and utilities.calibrateImageSpacing() to set the calibration, but neither approach seems to affect the measurements as expected.

Here is the relevant part of my code:
const calibration = {
scale: 0.5,
type: cornerstone.Enums.CalibrationTypes.USER,

const renderingEngine = getRenderingEngine(this.renderingEngineId);
const viewport = <Types.IStackViewport>renderingEngine.getViewport(this.viewportId);

utilities.calibratedPixelSpacingMetadataProvider.add(url[0], calibration);

// Also tried
utilities.calibrateImageSpacing(url[0], renderingEngine, calibration);

Expected Behavior: Measurements should be scaled according to the user-defined calibration.

Actual Behavior: Measurements remain unchanged after applying the calibration.

Below Cornerstone Version I am using
@cornerstonejs/core”: “^1.77.0”,
@cornerstonejs/streaming-image-volume-loader”: “^1.77.0”,
@cornerstonejs/tools”: “^1.77.0”,

Can you post an issue on github