Download high-quality image error

Describe Your Question

  • I load the application from an iframe, but when I try to capture an image (download a high-quality image) the feature does not work
  • Which OHIF version you are using? the latest load via iframe

What steps can we follow to reproduce the bug?

  1. I load the application via

iframe width=“100%” height=“100%” allow=“xr-spatial-tracking” sandbox=“allow-scripts allow-same-origin” src=“/ohif/viewer?StudyInstanceUIDs=” class=“ng-star-inserted”>

  1. The DICOM series pictures are well-loaded and they are visible
  2. I click on the camera icon to download a picture.

There is a warning in the browser console:

Download is disallowed. The frame initiating or instantiating the download is sandboxed, but the flag ‘allow-downloads’ is not set. See for more details.

I also saw this warning:

Canvas2D: Multiple readback operations using getImageData are faster with the willReadFrequently attribute set to true. See:
A.createCanvasClone @ html2canvas.esm.js:5347...

Is someone able to help me with this error/warning?