Export ROI coordinates

Hello everyone,
I am new to DICOM and image processing. I would like to export the image and coordinates of ROI in the image in order to do image processing. How do I extract the coordinates? Any information regarding this will be helpful.

Thank you very much

You can use the export CSV option after you draw the measurements. Look in the measurement panel on the right here OHIF Viewer

Ok so I added one annotation and I exported the CSV and I am getting this

Which one are the coordinates?

This is before formating based on commas

Patient ID,Patient Name,StudyInstanceUID,SeriesInstanceUID,SOPInstanceUID,Label,Long Axis (mm),Short Axis (mm),Length (mm),Area (mmˆ2),Mean,StDev,Units


Oh you are right, we are not exporting coordinates by default, but they are available in the measurement, see below (points are the thing you are looking for)


You need to edit this part

ok thank you very much!

Sorry to bother you again. This extention and file is not available in this

Did I do something wrong with cloning the repo? I got little confused because also the interface you gave me is different from the one I have which is this and there is no export :

I gave a link to OHIF-v3 which is in alpha right now. There should be similar function in v2 (that I see you use in your screenshot), if not you can take a look on how csv is generated and add a button to save it yourself

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