Issue about JSON data format

I’ve struggled to handle OHIF-v3. and I just wanna get a data from JSON format.

so I follow your instituion about deployment.

it is file which I made.

and I upload that file on my server and use this url “http://localhost:3000/viewer/dicomjson?url=
but it couldn’t be rendered it. it showed a black viewport.

I found a problem it couldn’t set an array to displayset. and I’ve tried to resolve an issue.
but can’t get any good result.

and I thought it might have some code issue. so I fixed it.
I report to you.

Someone has any idea to solve this issue please help.

Thank you!

any update on this I am also facing the same issue.

I updated my work for JSON data source.

I referenced the DicomWebDataSource file and edited some codes in DicomJSONDataSource/index.js.

so, I added and fixed some code. but it still hasn’t worked.

and I found some data didn’t pass It would be the problem didn’t render images from JSON.

If you have an idea of what I have to do. let me know.

In addition, I thought it cause the issue.

If you have any suggestions or advice for this issue. I would be really grateful if you do.

Can you check the last fix that was pushed to v3-stable to see if it has resolved your issue?
I suspect your metadata is not correctly organized (see the sample JSON file)