How to use json format?

Hi, help me to use json format😥

Let me tell you what i did.

I tried DICOM JSON because it seems to say that dicom is available in v3 in json format.

I found the "studyList.json" in a file in the v3-stable branch.

[ platform > docs > src > mocks > studyList.json ]

  "studies": [
      "StudyInstanceUID": "1.2.840.113619.2.5.1762583153.215519.978957063.78",
      "StudyDescription": "BRAIN SELLA",
      "AccessionNumber": "11788761116031",
      "StudyDate": "2020-03-26T23:33:59.073Z",
      "StudyTime": "120022",
      "PatientName": "MISTER^MR",
      "PatientId": "832040",
      "Instances": 33,
      "Modalities": "MR",
      "series": [
          "SeriesDescription": "SAG T-1",
          "SeriesInstanceUID": "1.2.840.113619.2.5.1762583153.215519.978957063.121",
          "SeriesNumber": 2,
          "SeriesDate": "20010108",
          "SeriesTime": "120318",
          "Modality": "MR",
          "instances": [
              "metadata": {
                "Columns": 512,
                "Rows": 512,
                "InstanceNumber": 3,
                "AcquisitionNumber": 0,
                "PhotometricInterpretation": "MONOCHROME2",
                "BitsAllocated": 16,

But in version 3 it didn’t work.
( In version 2, the viewer appeared with this json file. )

So I found this post,
I noticed that the “m” is a capital letter typo.
const metadataProvider = OHIF.classes.MetadataProvider; (o)
const metadataProvider = OHIF.classes.metadataProvider; (x)

Because the capitalization typo was corrected, the date, patient name, and number of frames were displayed, but no images were displayed.

I looked at the DicomJSONDataSource file but couldn’t solve it.
Please help me :sweat:

Can you check the last fix that was pushed to v3-stable to see if it has resolved your issue?
I suspect your metadata is not correctly organized (see the sample JSON file)