Hanging protocol with SR View and Stack View with synchronization

I would like to develop a mode with hanging protocol that takes a study with SR and CT series show them in 1x2 layout side by side. Would like to show CT either in a stack view or Axial view and SR in SR View port. With an ability to synchronize slice scrolling between views.


  1. What should be the viewportType for SR View Port
  2. How to configure synchronization between stack and SR view port, specifically what type of sync this should be (e.g. camera position, voi)
  3. Is there a way to show the measurements from SR in a separate panel to navigate findings into the volume.

I spent a lot of time reading through the docs and code, not able to find clues. Any help is appreciated.

------ Update -----

I tried a small experiment to assign srdataset to a view port and I have added sopclass handlers for sr in my mode using

const dicomsr = {
viewport: ‘@ohif/extension-cornerstone-dicom-sr.viewportModule.dicom-sr’,

sopClassHandlers: [

Now I see following error on the console.

With some experimentation I was able to load DICOM SR into a view port. But I have the following problems.

  1. Annotations from DICOM SR are drawn on the original image displayed in another view port

  2. Dicom SR Viewport scrolling won’t work

See picture below

I am new to OHIF. Trying to understand architecture. Please help.