Connecting OHIF Viewer with Modality for Direct Image Transfer

Hello everyone,

I am currently exploring the use of the OHIF viewer in our imaging workflow and have a specific requirement I hope someone here can help with.

We aim to streamline our process by directly connecting our modality to the OHIF viewer. Specifically, I want to know if there is a way to configure the system so that once a scan is completed, the images are automatically transferred from the modality to the OHIF viewer or PACS. This would eliminate the need for manual intervention and enhance our workflow efficiency.

If anyone has experience with this setup or can provide guidance on how to achieve this integration, your insights would be greatly appreciated. Any documentation, examples, or advice on potential challenges would also be very helpful.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

We don’t have recipes to directly connect OHIF to the PACS (DIMSE protocol). However, if the PACS provides DICOM Web API and endpoints (WADO), it’s easy to do so. Deployment | OHIF

Alternatively, you can use something like XNAT ( for this, as it has integrations as well.

At some point someone created a PR for communication with PACS here Feature: DIMSE proxy by EmilOJ · Pull Request #191 · OHIF/Viewers · GitHub maybe that has some good stuff for you to explore

puting other resources too for DIMSE communication

also this proxy