Hosting OHIF in IIS

I am trying to host OHIF viewer in local IIS.
I have followed the instructions to build it locally and can host it using :

Change the directory to the platform/viewer

Serve the files in our current directory

Accessible at: http://localhost:8080

npx http-server ./dist

However when I create the virtual directory for the same Dist folder path and browse it does not work.

OHIF Viewer

Shows up as a blank page.

What am I missing here? Setting up a start page?

Default port for http-server is 8080, so you should be able to access it by visiting http://localhost:8080. The link you shared goes to http://localhost/OHIFviewer/ instead

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the confusion.

I can access it @ http://localhost:8080

However, I am trying to access it from IIS as well (Since that will be how the production website will be hosted) wherein I have added it as a virtual directory for OHIFViewer and I am not able to access it from IIS hosted path.

try editing /platform/viewer/.env file. Set PUBLIC_URL=/OHIFviewer or whatever directory you are serving it from.