MultiFrame DICOM Problem together with Orthanc

I’m currently trying to get the new Orthanc OHIF plugin to work with an existing larger Orthanc installation. This uses the Orthanc DICOM Web Plugin together with the Orthanc OHIF Plugin. OHIF is working fine with SingleFrame DICOMs, however, when trying to open Siemens MRI MultiFrame DICOMs OHIF just shows black images with the error message

Something went wrong
Something went wrongfalse.

Sorry, something went wrong there. Try again

The error message in the browser console is:

       TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading '0')
    at app.bundle.599d31514539ffe1c788.js:14774:121
    at (<anonymous>)
    at combineFrameInstance (app.bundle.599d31514539ffe1c788.js:14774:109)
    at MetadataProvider._getInstance (app.bundle.599d31514539ffe1c788.js:14866:27)
    at MetadataProvider.get (app.bundle.599d31514539ffe1c788.js:14872:27)
    at Module.getMetaData (331.bundle.bd0c13931a21d53086c9.js:2813:37)
    at te (app.bundle.599d31514539ffe1c788.js:7:40923)
    at se (app.bundle.599d31514539ffe1c788.js:7:42930)
    at app.bundle.599d31514539ffe1c788.js:7:47832 'wadors:../dicom-web/studies/'

when trying to access the dicom-web resource via curl on .../dicom-web/studies/ everything works fine and a resource is returned. There is also no error message on the Orthanc Server end so I do suspect that the errors lies with OHIF.

Any advice on how to debug this problem further? It basically happens with all Siemens MRI MultiFrame DICOMs. All Single Frame DICOMs (CT and MRI) work fine.

Welcome to the community forum @Martin! To better assess what might be happening, would it be possible for you to send along an anonymized version of the problematic multi-frame DICOM? Thanks that would be great.

Of course, here is an anonymized DICOM of a phantom scan (download link is valid for one month)
This MultiFrame DICOM should contain 14 slices.

Thanks @Martin. I suspect this is a bug. Could you please log a bug here so it can be triaged? And cross-reference it here too please. Thanks so much.

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Posted it here: [Bug] MultiFrame DICOM Problem · Issue #3488 · OHIF/Viewers · GitHub

I have been out of the loop for a bit. Just wondering if you got OHIF working using the Orthanc Plug-In for OHIF: Orthanc OHIF Plug-in

I just updated my system and I am seeing this error with the latest Osimis Packages:

The resource from “http://localhost:8042/ohif/app-config.js” was blocked due to MIME type (“application/json”) mismatch (X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff).

I can try an earlier release. I think the OHIF Plug-in reported does work though.