Using this Project for my local project

Hi, I have looked into your project, it is completely matching the needs that is required for my project, I have cloned your code but there are sample images in the project right, how can I remove them and add our own dicom images. Like where do I need to change the code. Can you please help me?

Hello @varun1553 and welcome to the community.

The sample images are not part of the repo that you cloned, but are fetched remotely via a data source. This question was already answered earlier here.

I hope this helps.

How can I replace those links with my own dicom images? Like what part of the code (in default config file) should I update so that I can replace the sample images link with my dicom images link. Can you please help me. Thank you.

@varun1553, are your dicom images in a (remote) DICOM server like Orthanc or dcm4chee or are they simply local DICOM files on your file system? If they are in a DICOM server then you will need to configure OHIF to point to that data source like the default does here. If they are just local then you can view them with something like http://localhost:3000/local.

Thank you so much for the help. I will investigate and get back to you if I have anymore questions

Hi @jbocce, there is server for our dicom images but we would like to use the image link directly in the code so that the image can be opened, where in the code can I update the image links with the already present image path?

Thanks @varun1553 , but I will need a little bit more information. The server that you mentioned, is it a DICOMWeb server like Orthanc or Dcm4chee?

Hi @jbocce , I have file server, so I want the image file path to be placed in the code instead of the path from the server, where in the code can I place the image file path?