Best release for embedded viewer with 2D MPR functionality

Hi, we are trying to integrate OHIF Viewer inside our existing .net app…
We picked version tagged as 2.9.0 because it seemed the last version of the stable/production branch according to the docs (v3 is still defined as beta release, so probably v4 is even more beta…) and we were able to make it work inside our app with 2D MPR only by changing the build files and sources (the ready made umd packages do not work well together out of the box, so we have to embed the vtk extension together with the viewer into a single umd file).
We are interested in 2D MPR functionality: could you please tell us if our approach is correct and if not suggest a right version/strategy to use?
Have you got any plans/dates for releasing v3 version as stable?

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re: OHIF versions, more background information in OHIF github issue 2488

see release notes for v3 vs v2