Dicom Video Plugin


I’ve been trying to use OHIF to reproduce videos in Dicom format.
I’m using Orthanc in a docker to host the files for OHIF and I was hoping to use the Dicom Video Plugin but I’m lost in how to do that. The plugin is referenced in the configuration files but I get the normal interface of Dicom in individual frames that I can scroll through instead of a video.

Is there any steps I need to do to use the video plugin correctly, I’ve tried to look to some guides/documentation but couldn’t find anything that worked.

Thank you in advance if someone can help me.

Not sure if it is the same problem we have, but some videos we have on the server are old and are not compatible with MPEG4 (speaking from memory, I think they were MPEG2?). We have them also coming as frames for us instead.

const SupportedTransferSyntaxes = {
MPEG4_AVC_264_HIGH_PROFILE: ‘1.2.840.10008.’,
MPEG4_AVC_264_HIGH_PROFILE_FOR_2D_VIDEO: ‘1.2.840.10008.’,
MPEG4_AVC_264_HIGH_PROFILE_FOR_3D_VIDEO: ‘1.2.840.10008.’,
MPEG4_AVC_264_STEREO_HIGH_PROFILE: ‘1.2.840.10008.’,
HEVC_265_MAIN_PROFILE: ‘1.2.840.10008.’,
HEVC_265_MAIN_10_PROFILE: ‘1.2.840.10008.’,

These are the codec types the < video > html tag that OHIF uses to render videos, if yours are in a different one as our are, they need to be transcoded to a compatible one server-side before (can take a while to do).

Hope this helps.