Failed to get frame details from dicomweb-server to render in OHIF viewer

hello everyone,
I am trying to use this dicomweb-server (GitHub - dcmjs-org/dicomweb-server: Lightweight DICOMweb Server with CouchDB) to render in OHIF viewer.

I tried this setup in Window 10.

I have used the below configuration

              "name": "dicomweb_server",
              "wadoUriRoot": "http://localhost:5985",
              "qidoRoot": "http://localhost:5985",
              "wadoRoot": "http://localhost:5985",
              "qidoSupportsIncludeField": true,
              "imageRendering": "wadouri",
              "thumbnailRendering": "wadors",
              "requestOptions": {
                  "requestFromBrowser": true

I am facing issue to fetch wadors frame API

Error message:
{“statusCode”:404,“error”:“Not Found”,“message”:“Frame 1 was not found. Error: Empty buffer”}

Please let me know, if I am missing anything in the configuration.

Can you help me please


Facing same issue, did not get any frames in metadata

is the browser you are using for OHIF on the same host as the dicomweb server?