How do tags of images from the ohif/viewer Docker Hub relate to releases from github?

Hi OHIF team,

I was using the OHIF Viewer from the latest ohif/viewer Docker image I found on the Docker Hub (v4.12.51.21579) for quite a while, but was recently told that I was missing out on a lot of functionality found in the later versions. Looking at the github repo - the latest version is two weeks old and it’s labeled v3.8.2. Can you help me understand how these releases relate to image tags on Docker Hub?

Are there pre-built Docker images available containing more recent Viewer releases? Or is only Dockerfile provided for the latest versions (this one for example: Viewers/Dockerfile at 897de4485625d0465228d9345c3a674507f94577 · OHIF/Viewers · GitHub)?

Thank you in advance and sorry if my questions were basic.


You can read more about versions here