Looking for a setup guide for Docker-based installations

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  • I’m new to OHIF and looking to set up a Docker-based installation of the OHIF Viewer. I’m seeking a clear, beginner-friendly guide on how to properly install and configure the software in a Docker environment. Additionally, I need guidance on how to access and retrieve DICOM data once the setup is complete. I’m unsure of the best practices for these processes and would appreciate step-by-step instructions.

  • Could you please specify which OHIF version is recommended for beginners and any specific considerations for Docker-based setups?

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Currently, I’m at the initial stage and have not proceeded with the installation due to the lack of a clear guide. I’ve just started with Portainer Stacks and this template:

version: ‘3.7’
image: ohif/viewer:latest
- “80:80”

However, the steps I plan to follow, based on my understanding, are:

  1. ( :white_check_mark:) Install Docker and Docker Compose on my system.
  2. ( :white_check_mark:) Pull the latest OHIF Viewer image from Docker Hub.
  3. Configure the docker-compose.yml file with the necessary environment variables and settings.
  4. Run the Docker Compose command to start the OHIF Viewer.

I’m concerned about the correct configuration and how to ensure the OHIF Viewer can communicate with a DICOM server for data retrieval. Any example configurations or code snippets would be greatly appreciated.

As I do not yet have a DICOM/PACS server / operate one privately, I would be very grateful for any help.

Is there no possibility of a direct import? A folder/volume to be integrated in which I can simply drop in and read out the DICOM data?

Or even better: import via drag & drop?

I am not sure if that will help but this github repo has a nice example of a configuration. GitHub - hyper4saken/ohif-orthanc: DockerCompose File for OHIF with Orthanc

I hope it helps.

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Thank you very much! This is an excellent starting point.

In the next days, I need to do some troubleshooting on DICOM uploads (they failed very often) and by viewing my PET-CT data sets.

This is strange.

When I install OHIF with ORTHANC with this install guide on my public server at Hetzner, everything works fine.

But in case, when I follow the same install guide on my raspberry pi - also on ubuntu server OS - there are no ports published and I can’t reach my instance.

I guess, this is a x68 vs ARM conflict.
Very sad.

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On my Raspberry Pi 4