How to Integrate Firebase with Ohif Viewer

I Have my Dicom data stored in Firebase Storage, and I want to use Ohif Viewer to display that Dicom data, so I need help regarding how to connect Firebase storage with Ohif Viewer. (Also note that I would like to use Url method to access the dicom file in Ohif viewer,i.e I would be passing the storage path of my dicom file in Ohif viewer as a URL parameter )

for e.g :- " "

  • I am using 3.7.0-beta.73 Version of Ohif viewer.

Welcome to the forum @ikhizarwork.

I suspect your best bet would be to set up a DICOMJson data source.

Can you eloborate a little bit about how can i use this method ? like in my firebase storage i have folders of different patients , and each folders contains entire files with the url, and the url has a token with it , so what i wanted to have is , i will simply pass the storage path in url param ,i.e “https://myOhif-viewer/?url=MyStorage_Path” , then this shall open the entire folders dicom file in the ohif viewer .

please help me regarding the above thing , how to execute it so that it will work as i need it to work in my case .

i have been trying to integrate ohif viewer with my react app and use my firebase realtime database’s dicom data to view it , but i am stilll unable to connect the firebase with ohif viewer .

i want to use url method to access the dicom folder and view it inside ohif viewer .

please help …