Image size error


There is a bug in version 3 when you double-click a ViewPort with more than one series open. This also occurs in MPR mode.

 To reproduce the error: 

  Open a CT study, select MPR function or 1x3 layout. 

   Double click on the image for it to be in 1x1 format. 

   Notice how small she is. if you click the reset button, it stays on also correct for diagnostics. 

   The same error occurs when you click again 2x to return to the previous format. the image size is lost and you need to click the reset button to see it correctly.

    what would be the line of code to do this?


Hello @mCyber and welcome to the forum.

I would say that the behaviour you see is related to this issue [Bug] Image Wrong Size in the viewport · Issue #3520 · OHIF/Viewers · GitHub. Basically OHIF does not maintain “zoom to fit” when the viewport is resized.