Problem rendering some studies

Hi there,

At my workplace, we use Ohif viewer to visualize Dicom images from 2 different Orthanc servers . By internal requirements, one of this Orthanc servers, extrapolates series metadata tags, as is described here: DICOMweb plugin — Orthanc Book documentation.

This approach seems to works fine in many type of studies, but in some others, it causes rendering issues. In particular, we are trying to find which Dicom tag causes the error showed in the images below.

Both images are the same instance, the first image is rendered using the original Dicom tags and the second one is rendered using the extrapolated ones. The original and extrapolated tags are available here:

We spend some time trying to figure out which tags are the cause of the problem, but unfortunately we haven’t been successful. Someone can help us with that?

Thanks in advance!


Important Note: From Orthanc 1.11.0 and DICOMweb plugin 1.8, you may store more MainDicomTags in DB. By correctly setting these tags, the MainDicomTags mode can become faster than the Extrapolate mode with the same accuracy as the Full mode.