Using the demo studies to debug my app

I was wondering if I can download the demo studies used in the ohif demo. it would be great if I can use them to debug my app.

I’m not sure if I know what you mean, but when you clone the project you actually get those studies and can access them with the viewer to debug and test anything you want. Let me know if that helped and if not, I’d appreciate if you could explain in a little more detail what you need. Cheers

thanks for the reply pablo. now that I think about it, I realise that I was mistaken. The data is clearly not hosted by ohif so I should not have posted this question here. thanks for your time.

hello @pablodclavijo

am trying to build a docker image from the version 3-stable branch but it keeps failing. can you point me to a version 3 docker image repo ?

I dont think there is a repo. instead you can build the project and containarize it using one of the recipes inside the .recipes/ directory (platform/viewer/.recipes/)
if it fails then make sure the docker file is not using node 18 because in my case ohif does not work with node 18 (i use node 16.20.0)

Here are instructions for creating a docker image…


is it possible to remove the demo studies after build. am trying to run a clean build after.

@holakunle69 see OHIF + Orthanc: token to access a single study - #15 by holakunle69 and please only ask your question once. Thanks.